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Concrete, Preparation and Finishing

Tools and plant essential for ground works, concrete or asphalt preparation and finishing. A wide variety including rollers, scabblers, vibrators and pokers, wall chasers and power trowels.
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Yanmar AV26 2.6 ton Roller Vibrating Roller Yanmar

Vibrating Roller, 2.6 ton dead weight, 10.0 ton vibrating weight

Hamm HD-12 2.6 Ton Roller Vibrating Roller Hamm

Vibrating Roller, 2.6 ton dead weight, 10.0 ton vibrating weight

Hamm 3307 7 ton Roller Hamm 3307 7 ton Roller

Vibrating Roller, 7 ton dead weight, up to 33 ton vibrating weight

Compaction Plate Hire Compaction Plate

12 / 14 / 16 / 18 or 20 inch Compaction plate

Pole Scabbler Pole Scabbler

Pole Scabbler - Air

Hand Scabbler Hand Scabbler

Hand Scabbler - Air

Needle Gun Needle Gun

Needle gun – Air

Magnesium Bull Float Magnesium Bullfloat

Magnesium Bull Float 4' & 2'

Big Blue Steel Float Big Blue Steel Float

Big Blue Steel Float 4' & 5'

Concrete Screed Concrete Screed

Concrete screed or Easy screed

Fresno Broom Fresno Blade

Fresno Blade 4'

Concrete Brush Concrete Brush

Concrete Brush
Gives an alternative finish on concrete.

Electric Poker Poker Electric

Electric 110v concrete vibrator/poker

High Frequency Petrol Generator Petrol Generator High Frequency 42V

High frequency petrol generator for concrete vibrators

High Frequency Poker Shaft Poker Shaft High Frequency

High frequency electric concrete vibrator/poker for use with High Frequency petrol generator.

Star Indent Roller Star Indent Roller

Leaves a durable non-slip finish

Power Float / Power Trowel 36" Power Float / Power Trowel 36"

36" Power Float / Power Trowel

ConSaw Hire Consaw

Petrol Consaw Hire / Cut off Saw 12” or 14”

Cut N' Break Saw Cut N Break Saw

Petrol K760 Cut-n-Break consaw

Wall Chaser 180 Hire Wall Chaser 180

Lasr-Chaser Wall chaser

Road Saw Hire Road Saw

14" and 16" Road Saw

Concrete Floor Grinder Floor Grinder

Concrete floor grinder with 6 rotating stones.

Block Splitter Block Splitter

Heavy duty splitter designed to split all common types of brick & paving block.

Moisture Meter Moisture Meter

Moisture meter & damp meter for timber & general building use.

Floor Scabbler Floor Scabbler

Concrete floor scabbler, Petrol engine,
Ideal for surface grinding, roughening etc

9' Angle Grinders 9" Angle Grinders

9' Hitachi Angle Grinder.

4.5" Angle Grinders 4.5" Angle Grinders

4.5' Hitachi Angle Grinder

Industrial VAL6 Heater Industrial VAL6 Heater

Provides Radiant, odorless heat that can be used outdoors

Industrial Daystar Heater Industrial Daystar Heater

With its advanced technology, the Daystar brings you both “infrared heat” and “forced air heat” by adopting a dual heating system

Wide Tile Scraper Tile Scrapper Attachment

Wide Tile Scapper W/ 6 Inch Blade

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