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Surface Preparation

Equipment for finishing concrete, cement and asphalt surfaces and also for working with kerbing and other finishes.
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Pole Scabbler Pole Scabbler

Pole Scabbler - Air

Hand Scabbler Hand Scabbler

Hand Scabbler - Air

Needle Gun Needle Gun

Needle gun – Air

Concrete Floor Grinder Floor Grinder

Concrete floor grinder with 6 rotating stones.

Block Splitter Block Splitter

Heavy duty splitter designed to split all common types of brick & paving block.

Moisture Meter Moisture Meter

Moisture meter & damp meter for timber & general building use.

Floor Scabbler Floor Scabbler

Concrete floor scabbler, Petrol engine,
Ideal for surface grinding, roughening etc

Industrial VAL6 Heater Industrial VAL6 Heater

Provides Radiant, odorless heat that can be used outdoors

Industrial Daystar Heater Industrial Daystar Heater

With its advanced technology, the Daystar brings you both “infrared heat” and “forced air heat” by adopting a dual heating system

Wide Tile Scraper Tile Scrapper Attachment

Wide Tile Scapper W/ 6 Inch Blade

Drywall Sander Hire Drywall Sander

Ideal for homeowners, do-it-yourselfers and renovation contractors who are looking for a lightweight, light-duty drywall sander that can reach into tight places and corners.

Dustless Grinding Shroud Dustless Grinding Shroud

Dustless grinding shroud

Concrete grinder dustless grinding Concrete Grinder Dustless

Concrete Grinder Dustless

Concrete Floor Grinder Floor Grinder Dustless

Concrete Floor Grinder Dustless Electric

Dehumidifier - Industrial Dehumidifier - Industrial

Suitable For Drying - Plaster, Paint, Concrete, Carpets, Timber, Wall Coverings.

Pole Scraper Pole Scraper

Long Reach Scraper - Air

Jackhammer Trolley Jackhammer Trolley

The fastest, safest way to remove tiles and adhesive!

Kerblifter Kerblifter

Single person lift - Kerblifter
Two person lift - Kerblifter