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Diesel Generator Petrol Generator


  • In our Cavan Plant Hire, we available for rent a big range of petrol generator and diesel generator hire.
  • Our tool hire company offers you peace of mind that you have access to reliable, high quality hire equipment.
  • Our generator for rent comes with all the necessary accessories to get you powered up quickly and safely.
  • At Cavan Hire Center we offer you the perfect generator hire model for each of your needs.
  • We have the ideal portable generator hire for small domestic or welding jobs, and we can also offer you the perfect generator for large construction sites, farming or jobs where a number of power tools need to be run.
  • Also, our hire equipment is a must-have for any outdoor adventure: whether you are going on a camping trip, enjoying a festival or taking part in an outdoor activity, it is wise to have a generator – just in case.
  • In our rental plant in Cavan, safety is our top priority; all of our equipment to rent are serviced and tested thoroughly before leaving it in your hands.

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100 KVA Diesel Diesel Generator 100 KVA

100 KVA Diesel generator

17.5 KVA Diesel Diesel Generator 17.5 KVA

17.5 Diesel generator

26 KVA Diesel Diesel Generator 26 KVA

26 KVA Diesel generator.

35 KVA Diesel Diesel Generator 35 KVA

35 KVA Diesel generator

40 KVA Diesel Diesel Generator 40 KVA

40 KVA Diesel generator

7 KVA Diesel generator Diesel Generator 7 KVA

7 KVA Diesel generator.

3.5 KVA Petrol generator Petrol Generator 3.5 KVA

3.5 KVA Petrol generator

3.5 KVA Diesel generator Petrol Generator 3.5 KVA

3.5 KVA petrol generator AVR

7 KVA Petrol generator Petrol Generator 7 KVA

7 KVA Petrol generator.

8 KVA Petrol generator Petrol Generator 8 KVA

8 KVA petrol generator AVR

Welder generator Welder generator

Mobile 200 amp DC welder powered by a petrol engine. Variable amp control.