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Mini Digger

  • At Cavan Hire Center you will find the optimal mini digger hire for your project.
  • The mini digger hire is easy to use, so it’s ideal for both home and commercial use.
  • If you need to dig or move soil or rubble, the best tool for the job is a mini digger hire.
  • This mini excavator hire is smaller than a regular excavator, but it has power and strength enough whether it's a big contract or a small job.
  • If you need to move a pile of soil, dig out a trench, move rocks and rubble, as well as carry out demolition work, then one of our mini excavator hire is what you need.
  • The mini digger hire can be used in a variety of areas, including land clearance, agricultural work, landscaping and groundwork.
  • The best and safest choice you will ever make; the mini digger hire from Cavan Hire Centre comes with the perfect package for any type of work.

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1 Ton Micro Digger Hire 1 ton Micro Digger

Wacker-Neuson 1 Ton Micro Digger, Diesel / Electric

1.5 ton Digger Hire 1.5 ton Digger

On even the most difficult sites, this easily transportable and compact 1.5 ton digger hire makes light work of any job thanks to its manoeuvrability.

1.7 ton Digger Hire 1.7 ton Digger

Perfect for work in narrower areas. Mini digger compact designs means the 1.7 ton digger Yanmar SV15VT can be used on jobs where more traditional machinery simply couldn't gain access.

1.8 ton Digger Hire 1.8 ton Digger

Perfect for work in narrower areas, the lack of rear overhang and mini digger compact designs means the 1.8 ton digger hire Yanmar VIO17 can be used on jobs where more traditional machinery simply couldn't gain access.

3 ton Digger Hire 3 ton Digger

A reduced mini digger transport weight, zero tail swing and small turning radius make our 3 ton digger hire Yanmar VIO27 the perfect machine for working in smaller environments.

3.5 ton Digger Hire 3.5 ton Digger

Electronically controlled, the engine of our 3.5 ton digger hire Yanmar VIO33-6 offers improved performance, whilst the VIPPS hydraulic system ensures the perfect combination of balance, power and speed.

5 ton Digger Hire 5 ton Digger

Intelligent engine control and a digital interface ensure our 5 ton digger hire Yanmar VIO 50-6 is easy to operate, giving increased control and visibility to operators.

6 ton Digger Hire 6 ton Digger

Enhanced digging forces give our 6 ton digger hire Yanmar VIO 57-6 an edge over its competitors, whilst the zero tail swing ensures full operation in tight spaces.

Buckets Buckets

Digger Buckets

Rockbreakers Rockbreakers

Rockbreakers to suit 1.0ton, 3ton and 5ton diggers all available to hire.