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Garden Clearance

Tackle even the most untidy overgrown gardens with these garden clearence and maintenence tools. Field mowers, rotovators, log spliters, blowers, strimmers and sprayers and scarifiers to tear away unwanted moss. No weed is safe. Refresh your driveway with our stone rakes.
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Field Mower Field Mower

DR PRO 26 Field Mower

Gas Torch double headed Gas torch double headed

Double Headed Gas Torch (Gas)

Grass Strimmer Grass Strimmer

Grass Strimmer 33cc and 44cc

Grass Strimmer Cordless Grass Strimmer Cordless/Battery

Grass Strimmer Cordless 36v

Knapsack Leaf Blower Knapsack Blower

Backpack Leaf Blower (Petrol Engine)

Knapsack Sprayer Knapsack Sprayer

16 Litre Knapsack Sprayer

Lawn Scarifier Hire Lawn Scarifier

Collect Moss and Thatch from grass areas.

Leaf Blower Leaf Blower

Handheld Petrol Blower

Leaf Blower Cordless Leaf Blower Cordless

Handheld Cordless Blower 36v

Leaf Vacuum Leaf Vacuum

Leaf Vacuum (Petrol Engine)

Log Splitter Log Splitter

20 Ton Log Splitter

Rotovator Rotovator

Heavy Duty Barreto Rotovator, works in a"green field" site.

Rotavator Rotovator

Mollon Rotavator, ideal for previously tilled ground.

Seed Sower Seed Sower

Push Along Seed Sower

Stone Rake Hire Stone Rake

Blec Power Stone Rake

Walk Behind Sweeper Walk Behind Sweeper

Convenient walk-behind sweeper for medium-sized areas

Wheelbarrow Wheelbarrow

An essential in every garden

Wood Chipper Hire Wood chipper

Diesel Woodchipper