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Finders, locators, inspectors and scanners designed to easily and accurately trace the route of, or locate materials, obstructions material pathways. Cat Scanners, Injector scopes, digitex system, metal detectors, to help locate and save time.
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Pipe Rodding System Pipe Rodding System

Cobra rodding system is ideal for pulling electric cables & wires, in under floor channels, multi-storey offices or through piping

Cat Digi Mouse Cat Digi Mouse (Sonde)

Connects to a drain rod to trace drains, sewers and other non-metallic service ducts.

Cat Scanner (DXL) Cat Scanner (DXL)

New generation Cable Avoidance Tool - CAT (precision pipe and cable locator)

Plus Signal Injector C. Scope Plus Signal Injector C.Scope

Highly efficient transfer of Signal Generator signal to electricity supply cable

Signal Clamp Signal Clamp

Precision small pipe and cable tracing

Metal Detector Metal Detector

Viking Wasp - Remarkably easy to use metal detector

Laser Distance Measure Laser Distance Measurer

This distance meter device can provide accurate distance measurements at the touch of a button

Multi finder pro MultiFinder

Universal detector for locating wood, metal, copper, iron and live wires

Video inspection camera Video Inspection Camera

Professional video inspection system for inspecting areas that are difficult to access

Genny4 Signal generator Signal generator / transmitter 33kHz

Genny4 enable to easily and accurately trace the route of, or locate, an underground cable or metal pipe that does not carry a naturally present signal.