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Extraction Fan Extraction fan

12" Extractor Fan (110v)

Jackhammer Trolley Jackhammer Trolley

The fastest, safest way to remove tiles and adhesive!

Multi Tool Cordless Multi Tool Cordless 18v

The handiest tools you can have around the job site or workshop

Airless Paint Sprayer Paintsprayer Airless

Airless Paint Sprayer

Airless Paint Sprayer Paintsprayer Airless

Airless Paint Sprayer

Electric Paint Sprayer Wagner 230v Paintsprayer Turbine

Jet Paint Sprayer, ideal for fencing panels

Turbine Paintsprayer Paintsprayer Turbine

Q-Tech Turbine Paint Sprayer

Plaster Mixing Drill Plaster Mixing Drill

Heavy duty mixing drill

Pole Scraper Pole Scraper

Long Reach Scraper - Air

Tile Cutter - Electric Portable Tile Saw

Electric Wet Tile Cutter CW/ Removable water tank

Tile Cutter - Electric Tile & Stone Cutting Saw

Wet & Dry Circular Saw / Tile Cutter

Tile Cutter - Manual Tile Cutter - Manual

Quick and Accurate Manual Tile Cutter 750 & 930mm

Tile Cutter Electric Tile Cutter Electric

Professional Electric Tile Saw 620mm

Tile Saw Hire Tile Saw

Professional Electric Tile Saw 1250mm

Wide Tile Scraper Tile Scrapper Attachment

Wide Tile Scapper W/ 6 Inch Blade

Studded Roller for Wallpaper Wallpaper Steamer Studded Roller

Studded roller for wallpaper.

Wallpaper Stripper Steamer Wallpaper Stripper/Steamer

Wallpaper Stripper / Steamer used for the easy removal of wallpaper.