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10' X 5'6" Flatbed trailer Flatbed trailer 10' x 5'6"

10' x 5'6" Twin Axle Flatbed trailer (2.7t Tons)

Cordless Framing Nailer Framing Nail Gun Cordless

Cordless Framing Nailer

8' X 4' Car trailer c/w  3.5" ramps Car trailer c/w 3.5" ramps 8' x 4'

8' x 4' car trailer comes complete with side frames & ramp

4.5" Angle Grinders 4.5" Angle Grinders

4.5' Hitachi Angle Grinder

Cement Mixer - Fast Tow Cement Mixer - Fast Tow

Road Tow Mixer is ideal for mixing larger batches of concrete and mortar.

Pressure Testing Pump Pressure Testing Pump

Manual Pump offers a quick and accurate method to test for leaks in pipework, water systems and oil installations.

Multi Tool Cordless Multi Tool Cordless 18v

The handiest tools you can have around the job site or workshop

Electric Poker Poker Electric

Electric 110v concrete vibrator/poker

10Kva Site Transformer Transformer 10KVA

Robust step down transformer providing reduced voltage

Video inspection camera Video Inspection Camera

Professional video inspection system for inspecting areas that are difficult to access

Single Headed Site Light Site Light Single Headed

Single Head Light on Tripod, Dual voltage

Large Hammer Heavy Breaker Large Hammer Heavy Breaker

Large Hammer Heavy Breaker Air

Lighting Tower Set Lighting Tower Set

Generator powered lighting suited for outdoor or industrial site use

Drywall Sander Hire Drywall Sander

Ideal for homeowners, do-it-yourselfers and renovation contractors who are looking for a lightweight, light-duty drywall sander that can reach into tight places and corners.

Cat Digi Mouse Cat Digi Mouse (Sonde)

Connects to a drain rod to trace drains, sewers and other non-metallic service ducts.

Genie material lift Genie Material Lift

The Genie Superlift is a sturdy,
manually operated material lift that helps increase productivity and value