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Wacker Plate

Compaction Plate Hire or Wacker Plate Hire is used to compact sub base and deeper depth ground, to densify the material. They also help when working with asphalt or tarmacadam, on floors, driveways and for repair jobs. Both asphalt & tarmcadam require water through a water bottle attachment when compacting, to stop hot material sticking to the plate or roller. Compacting plates are also useful where larger compactors are unable to access an area.
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Compaction Plate Hire Compaction Plate

12 / 14 / 16 / 18 or 20 inch Compaction plate

Diesel Wacker Plate Hire Diesel Wacker Plate

Reversible Diesel Wacker plate

Jumping Jack Compactor Hire Jumping Jack Compactor

Vibratory Rammer / Jumping Jack