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Heating Systems

Electric and kerosene heating systems to help heat your workplace, shed or unit during the colder months.
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Ducting Ducting

Ducting Hose

Electric Fan Heater Electric Fan Heater

Master electric heater

Electric Heater Electric Heater

RSL is a robust and reliable electrical heater, suitable for spot heating of virtually any type of smaller building within the industrial, residential or commercial areas.

Industrial Daystar Heater Industrial Daystar Heater

With its advanced technology, the Daystar brings you both “infrared heat” and “forced air heat” by adopting a dual heating system

Industrial VAL6 Heater Industrial VAL6 Heater

Provides Radiant, odorless heat that can be used outdoors

Marquee Heater Marquee Heater (Indirect)

Indirect Fired Space/Marquee Heater (Kerosene)

Space Heater Hire Space Heater

Recommended for drying in building sites and heating medium, and large areas with good ventilation.