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Ramps and Loaders

Ramps for trailers, all types of cranes and loaders for all types of materials such as pallets or debris regardless of the size. Roller dollies, machine skates & pallet trucks. Manual grabs and lifters for moving building materials around your site. Wheelbarrows, glass suction cups and skidsteer attachments.
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Wheelbarrow Wheelbarrow

An essential in every garden

Pallet Truck - Manual Pallet Truck - Manual

Hand pallet truck for easy lifting of heavy loads

Sack Barrow Sack Barrow

Robust, made from highly durable welded steel and ideal for transporting a variety of goods

Teleporter JCB 535-140 Teleporter JCB 535-140

These machines are always ready and waiting to go to work

Fork Truck Fork Truck

Diesel fork lift truck Toyota, 1950kg capacity

Skidsteer Skidsteer

Mustang 2054 Skidsteer loader

Machine Skates Roller Dollies Machine Skates / Roller Dollies

Ideal solution for moving heavy machinery on hard floors

Glass Suction Cups Glass Suction Cups

Suitable for lifting all materials with a smooth, non-porous surface.

Heavy duty Scissor Block grab Heavy duty Scissors Block grab

A mechanical block grab for materials handling and lifting

Teleporter JCB 540-140 Teleporter JCB 540-140

These machines are always ready and waiting to go to work

Engine Crane 250 kg, 500 kg, 750 kg, 1000 kg EngineCrane

Folding Crane / Engine Crane 1000kg lifting capacity

Skidsteer Attachments: Mustang 2054 Skidsteer Attachments: Mustang 2054

Mustang 2054 Skidsteer loader attachments. Bucket, Forks, Grape Forks, Brush, 12" Auger, Sweeper

Plastic Strapping Device Kit Plastic Strapping Device Kit

Securely strap cartons and pallets

Loading ramp Loading Ramp

6' steel loading ramps
Max capacity 3000 kg

Lightweight Loading ramp foldable Multipurpose Folding Ramp

Lightweight aluminium ramp