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Kango Chip Hammer Drill Kango Chip Hammer Drill

Hitachi DH45ME Electric

Power Float / Power Trowel 36" Power Float / Power Trowel 36"

36" Power Float / Power Trowel

10' X 5'6" Flatbed trailer Flatbed trailer 10' x 5'6"

10' x 5'6" Twin Axle Flatbed trailer (2.7t Tons)

Kango Chip Hammer Drill Cordless 36v Kango Chip Hammer Drill Cordless

Hikoki Cordless/Battery Kango Drill

Electric Poker Poker Electric

Electric 110v concrete vibrator/poker

220v Extension Lead Extension Cable Reel 220V

Heavy duty cable reel

Post Hole Borer Post Hole Borer

2 Person Post Hole Borer

Steam Cleaner Steam Cleaner c/w Wet Vacuum

230v compact steam cleaner with a 1500 watt heating element.

Metal Detector Metal Detector

Viking Wasp - Remarkably easy to use metal detector

Cordless Framing Nailer Framing Nail Gun Cordless

Cordless Framing Nailer

Cat Transporter Car Transporter 16'4'' x 6'3"

A versatile transporter, wide enough for most light commercials and narrow enough for the smaller car.

Wallpaper Stripper Steamer Wallpaper Stripper/Steamer

Wallpaper Stripper / Steamer used for the easy removal of wallpaper.