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Cat Scanner (DXL) Cat Scanner (DXL)

New generation Cable Avoidance Tool - CAT (precision pipe and cable locator)

Primatech Nailer Secret Nailer

Manual nailer allowing to fully countersink nails in several strokes.

Sabre Saw Sabre Saw

Sabre Saw

Slate Cutter Guillotine Slate Cutter Guillotine

Slate Cutter Guillotine

Angle Drill Angle Drill

Angle Drill CW/ Rotating head allowing for use in the most tight of situations.

Diesel Compressor Compressor Diesel

Towable diesel air compressor 90cfm and 175cfm

Cat Digi Mouse Cat Digi Mouse (Sonde)

Connects to a drain rod to trace drains, sewers and other non-metallic service ducts.

Industrial VAL6 Heater Industrial VAL6 Heater

Provides Radiant, odorless heat that can be used outdoors

3.5 ton Digger Hire 3.5 ton Digger

Electronically controlled, the engine of our 3.5 ton digger hire Yanmar VIO33-6 offers improved performance, whilst the VIPPS hydraulic system ensures the perfect combination of balance, power and speed.

Concrete grinder dustless grinding Concrete Grinder Dustless

Concrete Grinder Dustless

Steam Cleaner Steam Cleaner c/w Wet Vacuum

230v compact steam cleaner with a 1500 watt heating element.

Start Booster, Jump Start Jump Start, Booster

Suitable for motorcycles, cars, caravans etc