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Big Blue Steel Float Big Blue Steel Float

Big Blue Steel Float 4' & 5'

4.5" Angle Grinders 4.5" Angle Grinders

4.5' Hitachi Angle Grinder

Lighting Tower Set Lighting Tower Set

Generator powered lighting suited for outdoor or industrial site use

Table Saw Hire Table Saw

Electric Table/Bench Saw

14m Tracked Hinowa Hoist Articulated Boom Lift 14m/46ft Tracked

This compact 14m (working height) Hoist on 'Tracks', (Diesel or 110V Operated), autolevels & is ideally suited where very narrow access is only available.

Cement Mixer - Fast Tow Cement Mixer - Fast Tow

Road Tow Mixer is ideal for mixing larger batches of concrete and mortar.

Hamm 3307 7 ton Roller Hamm 3307 7 ton Roller

Vibrating Roller, 7 ton dead weight, up to 33 ton vibrating weight

Industrial Carpet Cleaner Industrial Carpet Cleaner

Strong robust carpet cleaner for all your cleaning needs.

220v Extension Lead Extension Cable Reel 220V

Heavy duty cable reel

1 Ton Micro Digger Hire 1 ton Micro Digger

Wacker-Neuson 1 Ton Micro Digger, Diesel / Electric

Laser level CW Tripod Staff Laser level C/W Tripod Staff

RL-H5 Series - Versatile, all-in-one laser - horizontal, slope and long range in one tough package

C/W Tripod Staff

Industrial Vacuum Industrial Vacuum

A Robust vacuum suitable for wet or dry use.

Log Splitter Log Splitter

20 Ton Log Splitter

Fluid Transfer Pump Fluid Transfer Pump

Fluid Transfer Pump (12v).

Multi Tool Cordless Multi Tool Cordless 18v

The handiest tools you can have around the job site or workshop