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Tile Cutter Electric Tile Cutter Electric

Professional Electric Tile Saw 620mm

Hamm 3307 7 ton Roller Hamm 3307 7 ton Roller

Vibrating Roller, 7 ton dead weight, up to 33 ton vibrating weight

Tile Cutter - Electric Portable Tile Saw

Electric Wet Tile Cutter CW/ Removable water tank

Large Hammer Heavy Breaker Large Hammer Heavy Breaker

Large Hammer Heavy Breaker Air

Steam Cleaner Steam Cleaner c/w Wet Vacuum

230v compact steam cleaner with a 1500 watt heating element.

Jigsaw Jigsaw Cordless 18v

Cordless Jigsaw 18v, 3 stage orbital action

Sabre Saw Sabre Saw

Sabre Saw

9 Ton Dumper 9 ton Dumper

9 Ton Straight Tip Dumper

Portable Power Washer Power Washer 3000psi Diesel

Tow-able Diesel Washer

Roofing Ladder Ladder Roofing

Roofing Ladder Double Section

10Kva Site Transformer Transformer 10KVA

Robust step down transformer providing reduced voltage

Wallpaper Stripper Steamer Wallpaper Stripper/Steamer

Wallpaper Stripper / Steamer used for the easy removal of wallpaper.

Cat Scanner (DXL) Cat Scanner (DXL)

New generation Cable Avoidance Tool - CAT (precision pipe and cable locator)

Wet core Drill Wet core Drill

Eibenstock diamond coring system

Walk Behind Sweeper Walk Behind Sweeper

Convenient walk-behind sweeper for medium-sized areas

Fluid Transfer Pump Fluid Transfer Pump

Fluid Transfer Pump (12v).