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Wallpaper Stripper Steamer Wallpaper Stripper/Steamer

Wallpaper Stripper / Steamer used for the easy removal of wallpaper.

Laser level CW Tripod Staff Laser level C/W Tripod Staff

RL-H5 Series - Versatile, all-in-one laser - horizontal, slope and long range in one tough package

C/W Tripod Staff

Marquee Heater Marquee Heater (Indirect)

Indirect Fired Space/Marquee Heater (Kerosene)

8' X 4' Car trailer c/w  3.5" ramps Car trailer c/w 3.5" ramps 8' x 4'

8' x 4' car trailer comes complete with side frames & ramp

Gas Torch double headed Gas torch double headed

Double Headed Gas Torch (Gas)

Road Saw Hire Road Saw

14" and 16" Road Saw

Wet core Drill Wet core Drill

Eibenstock diamond coring system

Primatech Nailer Secret Nailer

Manual nailer allowing to fully countersink nails in several strokes.

ConSaw Hire Consaw

Petrol Consaw Hire / Cut off Saw 12” or 14”

Tile Cutter - Electric Portable Tile Saw

Electric Wet Tile Cutter CW/ Removable water tank

Wood Chipper Hire Wood chipper

Diesel Woodchipper

Cement Mixer - Fast Tow Cement Mixer - Fast Tow

Road Tow Mixer is ideal for mixing larger batches of concrete and mortar.