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Skill Saw 7" Cordless Skill Saw 7" Cordless 18v

7" Circular / Skill Saw Cordless

Cordless Planer Planer Cordless 18v

Cordless Planer

Electric Pipe Threader Electric Pipe Threader

High performance power threading with versatile applications without a vice.

Roofing Ladder Ladder Roofing

Roofing Ladder Double Section

Bitumen Boiler Bitumen Boiler

Bitumen Boiler
Propane gas not included.

Belt sander Belt sander

Belt Sander (100mm X 610mm)

Power Float / Power Trowel 36" Power Float / Power Trowel 36"

36" Power Float / Power Trowel

Lighting Tower Set Lighting Tower Set

Generator powered lighting suited for outdoor or industrial site use

Water pump - 3" Water pump - 3"

3" Petrol engine Water Pump
Delivery approx. 930L/min

Heavy Breaker Petrol Heavy Breaker Petrol

Heavy Duty Breaker, Demolition Hammer Petrol

Teleporter JCB 540-140 Teleporter JCB 540-140

These machines are always ready and waiting to go to work

Electric Consaw Electric Consaw

14" Electric consaw