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Wet core Drill Wet core Drill

Eibenstock diamond coring system

Fluid Transfer Pump Fluid Transfer Pump

Fluid Transfer Pump (12v).

Post Hole Borer Post Hole Borer

2 Person Post Hole Borer

Start Booster, Jump Start Jump Start, Booster

Suitable for motorcycles, cars, caravans etc

Electric Pipe Threader Electric Pipe Threader

High performance power threading with versatile applications without a vice.

Pipe Rodding System Pipe Rodding System

Cobra rodding system is ideal for pulling electric cables & wires, in under floor channels, multi-storey offices or through piping

Multi Tool Cordless Multi Tool Cordless 18v

The handiest tools you can have around the job site or workshop

Inverter Welder Inverter Welder

Compact, portable low power consumption, ideal for general repairs or emergency work.

3.5 ton Digger Hire 3.5 ton Digger Hire

Electronically controlled, the engine of our 3.5 ton digger hire Yanmar VIO33-6 offers improved performance, whilst the VIPPS hydraulic system ensures the perfect combination of balance, power and speed.

Metal Detector Metal Detector

Viking Wasp - Remarkably easy to use metal detector

Edging Sander Hire Edging Sander Hire

Professional Edging Floor Sander

26ft Electric Scissorlift Scissor Lift 26ft

This Electric Scissor Lift is 46'' wide, quiet, clean, has great controls and  is sought for its larger Platform Capacity and 26' height.